Research Center for Overwork-Related Disorders

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan

Research Center for Overwork-Related Disorders (RECORDS) has been established as a new center of JNIOSH in response to the Act on Promotion of Preventive Measures against Karoshi and other Overwork- related Health Disorders, which came into effect as of 1st November 2014. RECORDS has the mission to conduct biomedical research on the prevention of health disorders associated with overwork.

Our principal aim is to perform case analysis and root cause analysis to understand the current situations of overwork-related disorders. We also conduct original studies to examine fatigue and health effects of overwork. Another essential task of RECORDS is to find effective countermeasures against health deterioration due to working excessively in terms of both quantitative (e.g., long work hours) and qualitative (e.g., psychosocial demand) aspects. To accomplish our goals, we are actively collaborating with relevant universities and institutions the world over.


Official position Name Field of study
Director Masaya Takahashi Sleep problems associated with work schedules
Acting director Toru Yoshikawa Global health, Occupational Medicine
Takeshi Sasaki Occupational epidemiology; Workers' mental health
Tomohide Kubo Work-related fatigue and sleep, Occupational health psychology, Work science
Shuhei Izawa Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology, Occupational health psychology, Job stres
Xinxin Liu Occupational physiology, Ergonomics, Applied health sciences and Physiological anthropology
Tomoaki Matsuo Occupational health epidemiology, Physical fitness and sports medicine, and Cardiovascular disease
Hiroki Ikeda Work-related sleep problems, Somnology, Experimental Psychology, Psychophysiology
Rina So Occupationa lhealth epidemiology, Physical fitness and sports medicine, Obesity and Health care workers
Shun Matsumoto Occupational Health, Health Science
Fuyuki Oyama Ergonomics, Physiological anthropology, Experimental psychology
Yuki Sato Public health, Epidemiology, Preventive medicine
Chiemi kan
Kazuya Suzuki Occupational ergonomics
Yuki Nishiyama Physiological Anthropology, Psychophysiology
Tomohide Akama Ergonomics, Physiological anthropology,Experimental psychology

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