National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan

Q1: Do you have any training course or program concerning occupational safety and health?

A1: JNIOSH does not have such course or program. The Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association (JISHA) is engaged in various international activities including training courses for workers from developing countries. Please visit their site below for more information:
Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association (JISHA)

Q2: Can I apply for sponsorship, scholarship, postdoctoral position, or research activities in the JNIOSH?

A2: JNIOSH currently does not offer sponsorship or scholarship, and does not recruit for postdoctoral or research position.

Q3: Where can I find information about Japanese occupational safety and health laws and regulations?

A3: English versions of the laws and regulations are available on the following websites:
Ministry of Justice: Japanese Law Translation (Industrial Safety and Health Act)
Japan International Center for Occupational Safety and Health (JICOSH)

Q4: Where can I find labor accident investigation reports and statistics in Japan?

A4: Some accident investigation reports (in Japanese) are available on the URL below:
English versions are currently being prepared and will be published on our web in the near future.
You can also download labor accident statistics in Japan on the following site:
Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association (JISHA): Statistics

Q5: What type of events on occupational safety and health do you hold?

A5: JNIOSH holds the public open laboratory (April), the technical lecture on occupational safety and health (September), and organizes international meetings on irregular basis.

Q6: How can I submit a research article to the JNIOSH scientific journal 'Industrial Health'? What is the current impact factor of the journal?

A6: Please click the URLs below:
for the submission of a paper, https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/indhealth
for the impact factor, https://www.jniosh.johas.go.jp/en/indu_hel/index.html

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