Abstract of TD-No.1

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan

Promotion of Occupational Safety and Health Management with An Integrated Approach of Safety Management and Production Activities

Yukiyasu SHIMADA

: Purpose of Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) is to prevent industrial accidents by the establishment of process safety management (PSM) system in the company level as well as the improvement of safety engineering techniques. It is strongly desired to systematize the PSM activity through the plant lifecycle (i.e. from process/plant design through construction and the active production and maintenance) engineering (Plant-LCE) of chemical processes. This safety document consists of following framework and concrete measures of PSM to address the issues above.
(1) Reference model for safety conscious production management to prevent industrial accidents: The reference model for safety conscious production management is developed to prevent industrial accidents in chemical processes. To make the function as management model clear, a template in IDEF0 (Integrated DEfinition for Functional model, Type-zero method) format which represents PDCA (Plan-Do- Check-Act) cycle and resource provision is proposed. The activities for safety conscious production management are extracted and the appropriate business process model can be organized based on this template structurally. This business process model can be used as normative reference models for safety conscious production management.
(2) HSE management activities based on the framework of PDCA cycle and resource provision: Management activities of HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) are systematized and presented using concrete HSE tasks. HSE tasks, which should be executed at each stage of Plant-LCE, are analyzed and listed so that it can be performed in the form of PDCA cycle. All resources needed to execute these HSE tasks are also organized accordingly. Furthermore, document and/or information needed for performing the manufacturing activities (production and maintenance) are listed. This list includes the documents which should be prepared prior to production and the documents which should be recorded and summarized during production stage. Safety managers can review their own activities related to HSE management and refer to develop their OSHMS with the help of this safety document.
(3) SQDC process management sheet embedded process safety activity: Although various specific safety activities are typically performed at manufacturing site, however, safety managers face potential safety challenges. Traditionally, QC (Quality Control) process chart has been used to maintain and improve the quality of products in the manufacturing. This safety document describes SQDC (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost) process management sheet which is developed by the addition of the viewpoints of SQDC with respect to existing QC process chart. Using this sheet at manufacturing site will enable production activities to prevent any possible troubles and/or industrial accidents, as well as will improve the quality and the productivity of the product. This also will result in cost reduction.

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