Abstract of SD-No.17

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan

Survey on Organizational Safety Policy and Activity in Construction Industry

Takuro SHOJI, Hikaru KOSHIMIZU and Yoshimi SUZUKI

: Due to many countermeasures mainly on the view of hardware adjustment, labour accident rate dropped to the lower level comparing that of 20 years ago. On the other hand, recently, for these 10 years, its reduction speed is decreasing.
    To decrease labour accident furthermore, it is necessary to have a new stand point. Recently safety culture and safety climate is paid-much attention. In the company with good safety culture, workers and organization think very highly of safety and act with safety first, and as a result, the safety level of the company is very high.
    In this paper, the notion of safety culture was explained by introducing some researches and then results of our study about the safety culture of the construction industry were reported.
    In our research, questionnaire surveys were done, and the self-reported questionnaire with about 120 items were delivered to 300 staff members of 12 construction companies and 300 foremen of affiliated and subordinate companies of the same 12 companies.
    The results of questionnaire surveys were as follows;
  1) The companies that were targeted in these investigations operated safety system and measure at work sites and organizational safety management positively and holistically.
  2) Improvement of organizational structure and system for safety seemed to be going to obtain results.
  3) Voluntary based activities for safe were not actively done. Safety activities were done after accident happened and done with manuals.
  4) Staff members attached importance on safety measures of organizational and management levels, while workers laid stress on promotion of workers' safety attitudes for keeping work site safety.
  5) Workers tended to have high and strong safety attitudes in companies which emphasize the importance of safety and operate safety system, measure and organizational safety management positively. There was a possibility that active safety measures were connected with the enhancement of the safety attitudes of workers.

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