Abstract of SD-90

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan

The Technical Assesment of Materials liable to Dust Explosion


: Any combustible solids, when divided into a sufficiently fine condition, may give rise to a dust explosion. Many of the dusts handled in industry are combustible and serious dust explosion incidents have occurred in this country. This safety document reviews the testing methods and explosibility assessment of industrial dusts, established in various countries. The testing is to evaluate some of the explosion hazard parameters: explosibility limits, ignition temperature, minimum ignition energy, explosion limit oxygen concentration, maximum explosion pressure and maximum rate of pressure rise. The parameters are grouped in two categories: explosion sensitivity and explosion severity.
    The measurement of the explosion parameters using a relative small apparatus is critically discussed and the effects of turbulence on the parameter should be considered in applying them to industrial situation. It is expected that the testing methods will be changed as our understanding of dust explosion in large scale increases.

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