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Pneumoconiosis Law

Law No. 30 of March 31, 1960
Latest Amendments:
Law No. 102 of July 16, 1999

In Japanese

The Pneumoconiosis Law shall be promulgated as follows.


Chapter I. General Provisions (Articles 1 through 6)
Chapter II. Supervision of Health
Section 1.   Execution of Medical Examination on Pneumoconiosis (Articles 7 through 11)
Section 2.   Decision about the Classification of the Workers Concerned for Supervision of Pneumoconiosis, etc.
(Articles 12 through 20)
Section 3.   Measures for Supervision of Health
(Articles 20-2 through 23)
Chapter III. Pneumoconiosis Council (Articles 24 through 31) Deleted
Chapter IV. Assistance by the Government, etc. (Articles 32 through 35)
Chapter V. Miscellaneous Provisions (Articles 35-2 through 44-2)
Chapter VI. Penal Provisions (Articles 45 and 46)
Supplementary Provisions

(The contents shall be amended as follows by Law No. 102 of 1999 to take effect from the date of enforcement of the Law to partially revise the Cabinet Law (Law No. 88 of 1999)).

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