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Ordinance on Authorized Inspection Agency, etc.

Ministry of Labour Ordinance No. 44 of September 30, 1972
Latest Amendments:
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ordinance No. 212 of November 16, 2001


In accordance with the regulations of the Industrial Safety and Health Law (Law No. 57, 1972) and for its enforcement, Authorized Inspection Agencies, Authorized Agencies for Individual Inspection, and Designated Testing Institutions shall be stipulated as follows.


Chapter I. General Provisions (Article 1)
Chapter I-II. Authorized Agency for Inspection at Time of Manufacture, etc. (Articles 1-2 through 1-11)
Chapter II. Authorized Agency for Performance Inspection (Articles 2 through 10-2)
Chapter III. Authorized Agency for Individual Examination (Articles 11 through 19-2)
Chapter III-II. Authorized Agency for Model Examination (Articles 19-3 through 19-12)
Chapter III-III. Registered Inspection Agencies (Articles 19-13 through 19-24)
Chapter III-IV. Designated Testing Institutions (Articles 19-25 through 19-38)
Chapter IV. Designated Training Institutions (Articles 20 through 25)
Chapter V. Designated Consultant Examination Institution (Articles 26 through 38)
Chapter VI. Designated Registration Institution (Articles 39 through 52)
Supplementary Provisions
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Supplementary Provisions
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