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Industrial Accident Prevention Organization Law

Ministry of Labour Ordinance No. 118 of June 29, 1964
Latest Amendments:
Law No. 160 of December 22, 1999

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Chapter I. General Provisions


Article l. The purpose of this Law is to take measures for promoting voluntary activities by the organizations of employers with the object of preventing industrial accident and thereby to contribute to the prevention of industrial accident.


Article 2. In this Law the term "industrial accident" means industrial accident as stipulated in item 1 of Article 2 of the Industrial Safety and Health Law (Law No. 57 of 1972).

2. In this Law the term "designated industry" means an industry which the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare designates upon having heard the opinions of the Labour Policy Council, in consideration of the frequency rate of industrial accident and other circumstances.

Articles 3 to 7. Deleted.

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